We begin again

with Ingrid Nagl

Therapy In Motion Recovery Series
30 July – 26 November 2022
Waiheke Island, New Zealand
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Riding The Waves, Libido, with Andrea Juhan Ph.D

Do you sometimes feel like your body is holding on to sensations, emotions or experiences that can not be expressed or released through words?


Are you interested in experimenting with creative ways and resources to regulate yourself more skillfully in your daily life and relationships?

This ongoing closed group is offering a safe container for you to dive deep into the medicine of movement over 5 weeks for 2 hours every Friday.

The intimacy of a small ongoing group allows space and time for each group member to experience the transformational power of movement as we are witnessed and witness each others personal process. We welcome and include each part of ourselves as it emerges in our dance, and feel more integrated and Whole as we leave.

The first session is open to Everyone who is curious and has questions. The group will be closed for the following 4 sessions.

30 July – 26 November, 2022
Waiheke Island, New Zealand

First session only: $50.00 (2,5 hrs)
All 5 sessions: $230 – $330 (2hrs each)


021 180 1697

Andrea Juhan Open Floor Teacher

Ingrid Nagl

OPEN FLOOR is not just a fun and juicy practice, but offers an ever-deepening inquiry into who we are in Life, how we operate in relationship to Self and other, and how we experience and integrate an embodied way of living that includes all of our experiences, Body-Mind-Emotions as well as the more expansive parts of our humanness, Soul and Spirit.

I am informed by my training and experience as a Psychotherapist (MHSc), and many years of practicing meditation, mindfulness and different forms of dance and movement. As a dancer and therapist, I am inspired by the ongoing discovery of Movement as medicine. My passion is in holding a creative space for individuals and groups, that welcomes Uniqueness, and stimulates a sense of Belonging.



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