What is Open Floor?

Open Floor is a fun, transformative dance practice.

All knowledge until it’s in the body, is still a rumour.’ ~ unknown

Human beings are born to move.  With dance we thrive – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Open Floor is a lively meditation practice that builds muscular and emotional intelligence. It is a dance floor discovery zone where we move and include:  good days and tough ones, passion, hesitance, joy, sorrow, births, deaths and everything in between.  There are no steps to learn and no way to do it wrong.

Our teachers mix stirring music with clear guidance to inspire wild dances and tender ones, connections between dancers and solo time.

Research shows that people who dance grow more flexible, confident, capable of intimacy, and nimble in the face of change. When we move together, we grow communities that care for each other on and off the dance floor.

The invitation is to come just as you are, and join others doing the same right alongside you.

Come join us on the Open Floor!


Dancing Feet - Open Floor International

Common Good

The ripple effect is inescapable. One dance can change someone’s day, one act of kindness can inspire a whole community. Students often leave a session able to bring a more generous presence out into the world. We dedicate our work to the common good, to the benefit of all beings.

Open Floor Founding Member, Lucie Nerot writes:

“Life is movement.  Life is relationship, Movement is relationship.  The crucible of this mysterious alchemy is our body.  We offer it an Open Floor.

Open Floor is an exploration of free movement and of oneself through movement. The Open Floor is a place where you can be and move exactly as you are and become more of who you truly are with each dance.

It’s a place where anything can happen and everything becomes movement. We move with our whole body, our whole heart, our big mind, connected to the vast mystery of life.

We make space for our hunger for solitude, for connection, for belonging, and for spirit.

Sometimes we have powerful experiences on the dance floor, sometimes we simply have a great time dancing. Sometimes we are deeply connected to the mystery that moves us, and sometimes we are simply practicing.

Open Floor classes and workshops are good for the body, good for the heart, good for the soul, and even…for the mind!  As we expand our movement vocabulary, our emotional and relational skills expand, and we learn to use our minds in new and creative ways.”    ~ Lucie Nerot


Workshops & Retreats

Body Wisdom:

Rewiring for Freedom
w/Geordie Jahner, Ph.D.
Ongoing Committed Group @ Mana
more info >>

Jan 31-Feb 6, 2020
Art Murmur:  Unmasking
Kathy Altman & Lori Saltzman
Titirangi Hall
Auckland, NZ
more info + bookings >>

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