with Sacha Paddy & 
Neal Ghoshal

Open Floor & Yoga retreat
3–5 September 2021
$450 NZD
Mana Retreat, Coromandel

In this special weekend of Open Floor Dance and Yoga at stunning Mana Retreat, we’ll be finding the home of our trust, and how it gives rise to our freedom.
Using the guiding lights of our Yoga and Dance practices we learn to embody trust and freedom and the continuing dance between the two.
What do we trust? What gives a sense of inner knowing, that we can lean into and grow from? We’ll gather in all that may support us – body, breath, land, community, known and unknown.
From this foundation we cultivate our own sense of joy and freedom, offering us more choice to move towards inspired living. When we grow our ground of trust, it sets us free to be more fully who we are.


PRICE: $450 including tuition, accommodation and meals
Sacha Paddy

Sacha Paddy

Open Floor Teacher

Neal Ghoshal

Neal Ghoshal

Yoga Teacher


Contact Mana Retreat
07 866 8972

For more information, contact Sacha or Neal:
021 046 7699, 021 180 7867 

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