Te Whai Ao, Te Ao Mārama
Spring Equinox

with Kaia Hawkins

Open Floor retreat
For those who identify as female/feme
17–20 September 2021
Ākitio Community Centre, Tararua District

In our world that is full of extremities, How do you find balance? cause it is not easy!

When the chaos that surrounds you gets too much.

How do you return to centre? again and again without being exhausted? 

This weekend we give space to you as a creative being, to follow what is true for you.

To be the storm and the calm seas, to be all parts of yourself.

Resourced by the Open Floor Curriculum, guided by Auta Wahine!

In a place where taiao (nature) supports us.

Expression, presence, and healing.

We will find our balance,

our collective exhale and we will dance.

because we need to Wahine ma, we need these spaces where we can be our true expressions. 

Where turning up for ourselves is the new normal, where we are seen and appreciated just as we are, 

This is the new normal. Let’s create ritual, be expressive,  land in peace, and our humanness…

and yes amongst it all, you find yourself reflected back in the faces of wahine and femme folk.

Kaia Hawkins

Kaia Hawkins

Open Floor Teacher


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