Movement Teacher Track

Movement Teacher Track

The Movement Teacher Track is for those who dream of teaching others to discover the joy and healing that they themselves have found on the dance floor. Personal experience in a variety of embodied movement practices (yoga, Aikido, various types of ecstatic dance, etc.) is required to join this program.  This track is also geared for those who want to integrate movement practice into their current profession, e.g., education, recovery, women’s groups, teen services, corporate groups, support groups, etc. 



  • At least 100 hours of Open Floor Movement study including:
  1. One Ground Floor Lab (formerly called Common Ground Lab) to be introduced to Open Floor Curriculum, values, origins and influences, organizational structure.
  2. Strongly recommended: At least 50 hours’ study with Kathy, or Lori, or Andrea & Vic. 
  3. For your remaining hours of Open Floor study, check our international calendar to find an OF teacher or program in your area.


  • 200 hours additional study in any accepted movement modalities (see list), for a total of 300 hours of movement study
  • One Libido Fundamentals workshop (this can be done anytime before graduating)
  • 30 hours mindfulness training and/or practice (see list
  • Strongly recommended: Study in embodied relational skills and/or emotional intelligence, preferably with an Open Floor teacher.
  • Teacher references


Core Programs (to be taken in order)

  1. Common Ground – 10 days
  2. Common Sense – 10 days
  3. Common Good – 7 days

View the training schedule in US, Europe and New Zealand



15 hours (includes group and individual sessions)


Total Core Study

27 training days plus 15 mentoring hours 



$6900 includes 3 Core Programs, mentoring and all training materials.

Travel expenses, residential fees and elective courses will be paid separately.


Elective Study

12 additional days of Open Floor study, chosen with your mentor according to your personal skills, passions and interests.


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