Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.    Matsuo Basho

Open Floor International offers comprehensive Teacher Trainings in Open Floor Movement Practice.

Dates, locations and pre-requisites for next rounds of training will be announced shortly (June/July 2019)

Teacher Training

This training is for those who dream of teaching others to discover the joy and healing that they themselves have found on the dance floor.

Open Floor is a school dedicated to the Common Good through the study, practice, and teaching of embodied dance.  The Founders of Open Floor have taught thousands of students and trained hundreds of teachers over the past 35 years. Along with a seasoned, talented international team of Open Floor teachers, we are ready and excited to pass on what we’ve learned to the next generation of dance and movement leaders, as well as those in service to people in “non-dance floor” settings.

Conscious dance practices are flourishing all over the world — the perfect and necessary medicine for our increasingly troubled and digitized planet.  Open Floor is a movement school grounded in the principles and wisdom embedded in all healing movement practices, the common ground we all share.  Our goal is to train teachers who have a robust bag of skills, who can offer a creative, deep, enlightening and enlivening movement experience wherever they go, no matter who they serve.

Our first training programme was launched internationally in 2015 for:

  • Aspiring movement teachers
  • Current movement teachers who want to expand their skills
  • Other professionals who know that movement skills will enrich their work, e.g., school teachers, social workers, recovery group leaders, corporate consultants, etc.
  • Psychotherapists: This specialty track is open to movement, art, drama and music therapists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and mental health counselors from a variety of backgrounds.  The program is for experienced therapists who want to integrate movement and dance into the therapeutic setting.

There are two study tracks: a Movement Teacher Track, and a Psychotherapist Track

In our teacher training, you can expect training and mentoring as you learn to:

  • Design an infinite variety of movement scores using core movement principles
  • Prepare and tend to our dancing bodies so we can dance forever
  • Catalyze full, creative, exciting classes and events for people working with all ages and abilities
  • Create provocative and exciting soundscapes through music
  • Include and attend to natural emotions that arise when we dance
  • Track thoughts, stories, and patterns that hold us back, and turn them into creative fuel
  • Understand group dynamics and embody fluid authority.


Open Floor International Founding Members, Vic, Cathy, Lori and Andrea


Applications are available on the Open Floor International website.

Before filling out an application:

  1. Review the information for the track you’re interested in. There are two study tracks: a Movement Teacher Track, and a Psychotherapist Track. Make sure you have the pre-requisites for your track before applying.
  2. Sign up for a Ground Floor Lab
  3. Check the Training Calendar and Core Modules to start planning for the coming year.
  4. Contact Open Floor International for an application
  5. Subscribe to our mailing list to be kept in touch with full details of the training programme.


In the meantime, move as much as you can, as often as you can, in as many ways as you can.


DATES:   We will be announcing dates, locations & prerequistes for next round of teacher trainings shortly June/July 2019).


Workshops & Retreats

Body Wisdom:

Rewiring for Freedom
w/Geordie Jahner, Ph.D.
Ongoing Committed Group @ Mana
more info >>

Jan 31-Feb 6, 2020
Art Murmur:  Unmasking
Kathy Altman & Lori Saltzman
Titirangi Hall
Auckland, NZ
more info + bookings >>

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