Te Kanikani o Te Taiao //
The dance of our Natural World

with Kaia Hawkins

Open Floor workshop
29–31 October 2021
$225 – 275NZD
The Memorial Hall, Paekākāriki

Te Kanikani o te Taiao flyer

For you who wish to dive deeper // our weekend kaupapa.

This is the third year we have been dancing and creating with the elements.

Our first year we touched deeply on which element connected to us.

In our second year, we embodied deeply how the elements are part of us.

This year we give back!

We give back through dance and prayer,

We give back through ritual and tending,

We give back through deep meditation,

We give back through clear intentions and purpose.

This is our world and it really is time to care.

Awhi mai, awhi atu!

Kaia Hawkins

Kaia Hawkins

Open Floor Teacher


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