A guided ritual of death and renewal

with Geordie Jahner &
Rata Gordon

Open Floor online workshop
10–12 December 2021
$125 NZD


Register and gain access to:

    • Preparatory home-play to prepare you for the ritual process.

    • Two online group zoom sessions (2 hours each) over the course of the weekend, to support you to dive deep into your creative process.

•  Skillful guidance and clear instructions for developing and participating in a powerful ritual from right where you are. 

•  An online group forum and circle of other creative souls to accompany and witness you as you tap into the power of regeneration within.

• A further zoom session (1.5 hours) in the New Year to support you to stay in the energy of your new dream and your new way of being.

Registration closes Friday 3rd December 2021

We live in extraordinary and challenging times.

 Do you have some shit you are ready to put to rest?

Want to step into the new year with clarity and power?

Ready to rise up and imagine an more regenerative future?

Join us for a journey of magic, ritual and play from your own home.

We will harness the power of dance, art-making, creative writing and nature exploration to reveal the burdens which are ready to be released and lovingly lay them to rest.

Then, we will start tending that which is ready to grow individually, collectively, globally.

Journey Timeline:

Week Prior

Preparatory home-play

Zoom Session 1

Saturday 11th December 10am-12pm (NZDT)
(Saturday 11th December 8am-10am AEDT/Friday 10th December 1pm-3pm PST)

We plan for you to undertake your ritual process in your own time between Zoom Sessions 1 & 2.

Zoom Session 2

Sunday 12th December 10am-12pm (NZDT)
(Sunday 12th December 8am-10am AEDT/Saturday 11th December 1pm-3pm PST)

Zoom Session 3

Saturday 8th January 10am-11:30pm (NZDT)
(Saturday 8th January 8am-9:30am AEDT/Friday 7th January 1pm-2:30pm PST)



Open Floor Founding Member

Rata Gordon

Rata Gordon

Open Floor Teacher

Scholarships available.
Registration closes Friday 3rd December 2021.

BOOKINGS: trybooking.com

FOR MORE INFORMATION: ratagordon.com/holy-shit
Rata: rata.gordon@gmail.com
Geordie: geordie@openfloor.org

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